YaleErgo 360

Capacities 750 - 6000kg


The revolutionary fold away crank handle allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications.

Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the YaleERGO 360 lets the operator work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever tools.


This ratchet lever hoist offers the following quality features:

  • Fold-away crank handle
  • Zinc-plated chain for corrosion resistance
  • Convenient directional indicator
  • Built to last
  • Light weight
  • Easy & smooth free chaining
  • Hooks can be disassembled for wear inspection
  • Heavy duty safety latches on hooks
  • Working in a safe & ergonomic position
  • Operates like traditional lever hoist
  • Designed for optimal safety
  • Crank provides easy means of carrying
  • Housing bolts recessed for protection
  • Top and bottom hooks are dropped forged and fracture resistant
  • Overload prevention devices are available. This prevents severe overloading and as a result the unit lasts longer


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