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Yale ERGO 360

Introducing the most innovative and safest ratchet lever hoist in the world. A brand new ratchet le...

Introducing the most innovative and safest ratchet lever hoist in the world. A brand new ratchet lever hoist has reached our stores and not a moment too soon. This newly German engineered and first-in-class product is not just simply the best, but rather one of the most innovative and safest ratchet lever hoists in the world.

Featuring a revolutionary crank handle which allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications, it allows the operator to work up to 12 times faster with as much as 30% less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever hoists in a safe and convenient manner. The specially designed fold out crank handle allows the operator to use the full potential of 360° rotation, making the YaleErgo 360 stand out from the rest of the range of lever hoists on the market.

The length of the operating arc of the lever in conventional lever hoists is restricted by the required wrist movement. Using the fold out crank handle, the length of the arc is not restricted. In addition, study of the ergonomics in operating a lever hoist show that the position of the wrist using the crank lever results in significantly less effort required than when using a conventional lever hoist design.


Features of the YaleErgo360

  • The crank handle also provides a more comfortable way of carrying the lever hoist. Just attach the hook to the crank and carry the hoist with ease. Less effort and more comfortable than a conventional lever hoist.
  • The YaleERGO360 has a robust aluminium body which will provide corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Load limiters are offered as an optional extra. This not only further improves safety, but also reduces maintenance and enhances the service life of the unit.

Lifting just got better with the revolutionary YaleERGO 360!

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