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CATEGORY: Industrial Products, Hydraulic Jacking Systems

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Yale YCH – Hollow Cylinders

Double Acting, Hydraulic Return

Capacities 33 to 140 ton

In connection with threaded rods, hollow cylinders can create extremely high forces which are helpful for various repair or assembly applications like removing press-fitted parts, pre-stressing of anchors etc.

In addition, hollow cylinders are used as a power source in puller sets and test rigs.

By the use of long threaded rods and by re-adjusting the nut, longer distances can be pulled.

  • Operating pressure 700 bar
  • Large centre hole diameter
  • Double bronze bearing
  • Metric mounting threads at cylinder body and inside of piston
  • Interchangeable hardened saddle
  • Inner and out dirt wipers
  • Oil port thread: 3/9 NPT
  • Includes 2 Female coupler halves<
  • Hollow cylinders are used as the power component within hydraulic puller sets, for pre-stressing of anchor bolts, removing of axles, shafts, bushings, extracting of tubes, as well as for heavy duty pulling applications.
  • Double acting cylinders have the advantage over single acting cylinders of being able to retract the piston quickly and are ideal therefore for high-cycle pulling applications.


Category: Industrial Products, Hydraulic Jacking Systems

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