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Yaletex - Flat Webbing Slings

Rated capacities for all slinging

Yaletex flat webbing slings and round slings are made from high tensile polyester (PES) manufactured according to EN 1492 Part 1 and 2

  • low weight, thus easy handling
  • protection against hand injuries
  • protection against cargo surface damage
  • highly flexible and adaptable to given shapes
  • excellent adhesion when using PU sling coatings
  • equal pressure distribution over tension and pressure sensitive loads
  • UV-resistant, eliminating material ageing or embrittlement
  • heat resistant up to +120° C
  • moisture-resistant fabric, thus preventing frost damage (up to approx. -40° C)
  • low-strain, wear-resistant, long-life material (100 % PES)
Yaletex flat webbing slings
  • duplex construction from PU-starched, thermally fixed web fabric
  • colour coded as per current CEN standard
  • with soft sewn eyes (Becket eyes)
  • low elongation < 4%

Other capacities (up to 40 tonnes) and webbing slings made from polyamide (PA) and special lengths are available on request.

Yaletex round slings
  • double-fabric outer casing PU-finished, thermally fixed
  • colour coded as per current CEN standard
  • printed-on capacities
  • woven-in capacity stripes


Category: Industrial Products, Lifting Tackle

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